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पलक, “An initiative to keep the handmade techniques alive.” पलक is a socially responsible brand, for its fairly priced, well finished, stylish clothing.

What does MARWAD RO RANG means?

Marwad aka Rajasthan a region filled with rich heritage and culture. Our brand very well resonates with MARWAD. Rang means various shades and hand block printing is just one rang of MARWAD, as our business expands we will be introducing various RANGS of MARWAD to you. Our fabrics draw inspiration from Marwad aka Rajasthan, a region famous for its vibrant and colourful prints. To ensure consistently good quality most of our work is done in-house. We rarely find large quantities of a single fabric, hence there is limited production and exclusivity to make you feel extra special.

पलक is more than just a label for us. An attempt to keep these crafts alive, पलक is a bridge between artisanal skills and Morden world. This brand focuses more on sustainability. We are zero wastage brand and completely eco-friendly in this fast growing Modern world.


Meet The Founders

It’s said that a duo always creates a magic. A student and a mother with a dream to create such a fashion that lasts. In a world where trends change everyday, Palak Daga and Kavita Daga aspires to create something permanent. पलक-marwadrorang is genesis of their imagination. The combined creativity of Palak and her mother has reached the pinnacle as both can relate to the vibrancy of Marwad and has a first-hand experience of the spirit of that land. While the world roared with the troubles of COVID-19, PALAK and KAVITA decided to strengthen their resolve took पलक-marwadrorang to exceptional heights with in one year.

Our Vision

In the age of mass production, where most of the goods are manufactured by machines and using chemicals, पलक distinguishes its products from the rest by its prints, sense of designs and range of colors that are natural, craft based, contemporary,affordable and eco-friendly.

Today this cultural tradition has been kept alive in villages through Rajasthan due to the passionate efforts of companies like पलक.

पलक aspires to stay true to our core values whilst focusing on the customer and the artisan in an equal sense. Providing a flawless shopping experience through and through, we will gradually increase artisanal value every single step of the way.

Hope you shop with us and have a great experience.

Thank you,


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